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Коворкинг HUB 4.0 PODIL

Open space in HUB 4.0 during four years of existence became as comfortable, as functional – nothing needless, only needed, ergonomic space that inspires the creativity and co-working and where new teams are made, new ideas are born and new businesses are developed.

Choose your dreamy workplace and extra free hours!

Коворкинг HUB 4.0 PODIL


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What we propose
Почему мы

Fixed or not fixed workplace with broadband internet connection in Class “A” coworking

Почему мы

Access to coffee points with tea, coffee, water, and sugar on every floor, a food court with drinks and snacks

Почему мы

Access to the kitchen with all the technique needed, mini-gym and shower, parking for cars and bicycles

Почему мы

Special price for renting additional locations – Skype-room and meeting rooms

Почему мы

Access to terrace with open-door view on Podil district and Andriivska church

our residents

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Smart-oфисы HUB 4.0 CAMPUS
Smart-oфисы HUB 4.0 CAMPUS
Smart-oфисы HUB 4.0 CAMPUS
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