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Author: Alexander Neskin
Petcube Play

Petcube Play is an all-in-one Wi-Fi pet camera with built-in treat dispenser that lets you train and reward your pet remotely. See, talk, treat, and train from your phone.


Founded in late 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, Petcube is a global leader in Connected Pet, defined at the intersection of Connected Home and pet care. Its first product, Petcube Camera, is an interactive pet camera that lets pet owners see, talk to and play with their pets remotely from their smartphone.




  • Redesigned and more compact. 3x3x3 dimension.
  • Streams in 1080p HD video with 138° wide angle view.
  • Play with your pet using the built-in laser toy(certified safe for pets and humans).
  • 2-way audio to talk to and hear your pets.
  • Night vision to view in low light and no light conditions.
  • 3x digital zoom to see your pets up close.
  • Sound and motion alerts notify you of major events at home.
  • iOS and Android compatible(iOS 8+ and Android 4.3+).
  • Video cloud recording service with Petcube Care - 10 or 30 days of history.
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