Ken Phillips
9 February
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What: How to be a leader and how to be a mentor.
Where: HUB 4.0.
When: February 9, 11:00.
- What can you get from working with NGOs;
- Specifics of working in teams;
- How to plan your work and your life;
- How to set big goals and reach them.
Speaker: Ken Phillips - trainer, consultant, writer. Has worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 50 years; president of AIESEC in USA; Coordinator, Planning and Project Developmant at the Institute of International Education in New York; Vice President of Development at Save the Children; President and National Executive Director of Foster Parents Plan.
We will be glad to see you!


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  • Date and time: 
    9th February

  • Speaker:
    Ken Phillips

  • Venue: 
    HUB 4.0

  • Language: 

  • Organizer: 
    HUB 4.0

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