April, 6

MES and «IT-Schoolchild» agreed to jointly develop digital education in schools


The document provides for the establishment of an expert committee under the MES on the digital technologies implementation in school education.


«All the best that we managed to do, we did conjointly with public platforms. We face significant challenges now. It's not just about the pupils. We mean teachers, a new content of education, modern electronic content, new mechanisms of managerial processes in educational institutions and communications with parents. All this can be done only with information technologies assistance. I wish all of us fruitful cooperation», — said the Minister Liliia Hrynevych.


In fact, the memorandum will unite the efforts of teachers, experts and IT-business, who joined the «IT-Schoolchild» project. The parties agreed to cooperate in the development of a new curriculum in computer science for grades 1-12, modern methods of teaching the subject, requirements for textbooks and school digital equipment. Special attention is paid to the improvement of computer science teachers' skills and to future teachers training. Individual working groups can be created in the future for each of the directions. We already have a positive experience of such cooperation.


In early 2018 the «IT-Schoolchild» project was launched in three pilot schools in Kyiv and Chernihiv region. Best practices of commercial IT schools have been adapted and are now available to general education institutions. «We hold free elective classes, we help with technical equipment. The project was warmly received by schools. The work is conducted in 14 groups involving more than 200 children. The curriculum for the term comprises the development of sites, games, robotics, 3D printing and modeling, cybersecurity and cloud technologies, drones and augmented reality», — said the author of the project, the founder of HUB 4.0 Valeriy Omelchenko.


Leaders of IT education and businesses joined the work on the «IT-Schoolchild» social project and on memorandum signing: ITEA, Cisco Networking Academy, Citrus SmartMe University, Kid'IT, STEM Training Center Sokrat, «Otkrytye Okna» Alternative School, Kyiv Cyber Academy, MAIN Academy, NGO Innovation Development Foundation, Educational and Training Complex No. 141 ORT, ROZUMNIKI, Association of IT of Ukraine, THE FUTURE, Code Club UA, BOTEON Robotics Center, BrainBasket Foundation. The initiative was also supported by well-known experts: the head of educational programs EPAM Systems Ukraine Maksym Pochebut, Vice-Rector for informatization of educational-scientific and administrative activity at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University Natalia Morze, Head of the UNIT Factory Valeriia Zabolotna, expert of the «Education» branch of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future Mykola Skyba and others.

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