Basic laws of business constellations

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Основные законы бизнес-расстановок

The law is important!

Each area or industry has its own laws. Even in business.

And it’s very, very easy to get confused in them.

This is exactly what Ekaterina Hodgson talked about on Thursday at an online webinar.


So, let’s take a look at the four basic laws of business constellations:


The law of ownership

Each member of the system has the right to belong to the system.


Equilibrium law

 In the system, it is more effective to maintain a balance between “take” and “give”.


The law of orders (hierarchy)

The new system takes precedence over the old one,

and the old members of the system have priority over the new ones.


The law of family systems priority over business systems

We bring family issues into business.


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