What is a fixed workplace, and how does it work?

Hub 4.0
Что такое фиксированное рабочее место и как оно работает?

Hub4.0 has been taking care of your comfort and coziness while working for 6 years. We try to be flexible and accessible, understandable and modern!


By the way, about the present. A person in 2022 is no longer limited by time or place of work, so he needs the same universal space for his employment.

Your own corner, which will be waiting for him, somewhere in quick access and with the appropriate atmosphere.


This is exactly what a fixed workplace is. In simple words—you choose a convenient location for Hub4.0 Podil or Hub4.0 CAMPUS, choose a zone, pay and… that’s it! She’s yours!


This is how easy you can find your place, and we will be happy to help!


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