What can Notion do?

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Что умеет Notion!

What can Notion do?

Dealing with personal matters, working and keeping track of projects is easier when all tasks are optimized.

Notion is a program that can replace many tools, both for teamwork and for your own use.


Content plans

For those who maintain social networks for themselves or for work.

Notion makes it possible to make each post as a separate card and colleagues can comment, edit, or approve them.

Can replace an infinite number of links and documents.



Collect all your references in one place. You just leave a link to the board in Notion and store everything you need.



Build a strategy, add blocks and open exactly the part of the information that you require.

Now, to get to the ad block, you do not need to scroll through 50 slides.



In Notion, you can conveniently group tasks into different projects. This helps not to lose them and structure the process.


Personal things

To conveniently keep your own diary, calendar, to-do list, or write down books, recipes, movies …

There are about 20 types of tables and forms in Notion!


We hope this post was helpful! Hub4.0 wishes you a productive week!