Three effective methods to end the working day in the right way

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Три эффективных метода, чтобы правильно закончить рабочий день

Our brains are very interesting. On his own, he cannot switch from work to rest just because you closed the laptop.

Some unresolved issues and tasks will still bother you and prevent you from enjoying your vacation, which can cause chronic stress in the future.

To avoid this, American psychologist Brandon Smith conducted an experiment and identified three effective strategies.

  • Planning. At the end of the working day, you need to take a few minutes for yourself to plan exactly when tomorrow you will solve unfinished cases. Planning reduces anxiety and worry.
  • Prioritization. Do the hardest things at the beginning of the day and the easiest things at the end. So that the “train” of hard work does not follow you after work.
  • Destimulation. Don’t check work email at the end of the day. New tasks created for tomorrow can activate your brain to search for their solution.

We hope this post was helpful to you and don’t forget to rest properly!