HUB 4.0 – at the Kyiv Smart City Forum

Evgenia Streletskaya
HUB 4.0 - на Kyiv Smart City Forum

HUB 4.0 takes place in the capital of the country’s largest “smart cities” event

Kyiv is the most technological city in Ukraine, said Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko at the opening ceremony of KYIV SMART CITY FORUM 2019.

One of the priorities of the “smart city” is the safety of residents. That’s why more than 7,000 camcorders are already installed in the city, which not only record what’s going on, but also feature face recognition.

According to the mayor, this helped to reduce the crime rate in some areas by 56%.
Another priority of technological development in Kiev is the SmartCity mobile application, continued the story of the Head of ICT Department of the City Administration Yuri Nazarov.

You can now track your city budget, participate in the Public Budget of the capital, make appointments, and use public transportation with SmartCity e-ticket.

This is not planned to stop. The mobile application will be developed soon in the list of services – entry to the garden, pit service on the road, search for parking spaces and much more.

Here are some interesting facts about Kyiv Smart City Forum 2019:
– data from 7000 camcorders are stored in 9.6 petabytes in Kyiv Cloud for one month;
– Romania’s budget for the development of smart cities by 2022 is 5 billion euros;
– in Spain, the concept of “smart cities” has already been changed to “smart territories”.