Hub4.0 congratulates on the Day of Ukrainian language and writing

Hub 4.0
З Днем української мови та писемності!

November 9 – Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language!

In honor of this, we have prepared some interesting facts.

  1. Ukrainian is the second most common language among the Slavic languages. Today it is owned by about 45 million people around the world!
  2. The Ukrainian language is unique due to many factors, for example, it is rich in diminutive forms.
  3. Ukrainian has about 256 thousand words! The letter “p” is used most often, and less often – “f”.
  4. Despite the many disputes about the similarities of the language, in terms of lexical stock, Belarusian (84%), Polish (70%) and Serbian (68%) are closest to the Ukrainian language.
  5. In 1918-1920, the Ukrainian language was the official language of the Kuban People’s Republic, therefore, even now, Ukrainian words can be found in this area.