Telegram 12th update

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Обновления в Telegram

On New Year’s Eve, Telegram released a big update!

We will find out what is interesting and unique there.


Users now have the ability to respond to messages. It is enough to double-tap on it to automatically put your finger up, or press once to choose a different reaction.


You can change emoji for quick reactions in Settings. In private chats, reactions are always on. Group and channel admins can enable reactions in the chat profile: Edit> Reactions.

Another update concerns the text. Now the user can highlight part of the message and make it hidden.

Such text is not displayed in notifications, for example, it is quite convenient to hide spoilers in new films.


In addition, you can now translate messages into your language directly in Telegram. To do this, go to Settings> Language.

To translate text, tap on it, hold it with your finger and select Translate.


You can generate a QR code to link to the account of any user with a public link, as well as create a QR code for groups, channels, and bots.

All this is also available in the settings.

Telegram made us happy with such updates in 2021!

Thank you for your attention, see you at Hub4.0!