What is the metaverse?

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Что такое Метавселенная?

In terms of terminology, the Meta Universe was invented by the American writer Neil Stevenson. In his novel Avalanche, which was published in 1992, the science fiction writer first used a term that still makes a fuss on the Internet.

When augmented and virtual reality devices began to appear, the talk of the Meta Universe began to gain momentum again.

That is, our and virtual reality combined and in combination could provide completely new information or a fresh look.

In late July, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Metavsesvit was now their company’s priority.

According to Zuckerberg, Metauniverse is a virtual space, “where you can be close to people in digital form, that is, the Internet, which can not just look, but inside you can be.”

Of course, it will take more than one year, and according to forecasts — all 10!