What skills will help you keep up with the times?

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Які навички допоможуть йти в ногу з часом?

We all know that the world is being automated and that technology will subsequently take over most of the human activity. But how to keep an owl in a job and what skills do you need to have in the 21st century?

A speaker, a start-up mentor, a business consultant, and the author of strategic planning programs – Galina Larionova, told us about this.

  • Creativity. Understand what creativity is and in what area it is lacking.
  • Critical thinking. In what area do I need to develop critical thinking.
  • Self-discipline. What exactly can a person control.
  • Social thinking. Develop emotional intelligence and empathy.
  • Attention management. Pay attention to really important things, where attention is – there will be a success.

Humanity cannot be replaced by robots! Therefore, you need to constantly develop as a person and learn something new.

Good luck!