Why do you need negotiations and how much do they cost!

Hub 4.0
Зачем нужны переговорные и сколько они стоят!

Have you ever had an urgent need to meet with the team, or have you been planning a rally for a long time, but can’t find the perfect place. So that everything was at once. Appliances, light, comfortable places…


Hub4.0, how no one understands your needs and is ready to listen to them!

Imagine a spacious room, where there will be a place for each of your team, where it is convenient to hold presentations or online rallies.

That’s all, and there is even more in our negotiations!


Book now! Come on! Work on!


Keep prices:

– ROOM # 1 for up to 20 people, cost—635 UAH / hour;

– ROOM # 2 for up to 10 people, cost—425 UAH / hour.

– Auditorium for up to 50 people, cost—1000 UAH / hour.