How can i be productive?

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Як залишатись продуктивним?

Even working where you like, there is still no guarantee against burnout.

We are all, first of all, people. People can get tired, sad, not as active as they used to be, and this is normal.

In case of burnout, here are a couple of methods to help you stay productive.

  1. Cold and hot shower. Sounds weird? Yes. But there is a fact that the more you pay
  2. Be an example to others. There is a fact that a person becomes more motivated when they begin to take an example from him. Striving to be better among others will help you not to appear. But let’s go without fanaticism!
  3. Set big goals and break them down into small ones. Achieving global goals is good, but it will be easier for your brain if there are always step-by-step instructions. That is, a list of small goals leading to the main one!
  4. Prioritize the hardest tasks. This is a very good habit that will help you manage your time correctly in the future.
  5. Do not forget to praise yourself. Remember, the strictest critic for yourself is yourself. So, besides scolding, you need to praise yourself!

Stay productive, but remember to allow yourself to rest and relax, too!