Author: Rostislav Potopaev

MOVEONE is characterized by a progressive design and functionality of individual transport for the urban environment.

Its distinguishing features are high-tech folding frame, an expressive X-shaped steering column, a large comfortable deck, an integrated LED-lamp, a special roller for easy transportation when folded, and also small dimensions when folded.

Traveling with MOVEONE around the city is convenient not only by tram or bus, but even by subway!

Due to its low center of gravity, MOVEONE is stable in motion. Any road surface is suitable for riding. Comfortable movement is ensured by low clearance and pneumatics. Developing high speed MOVEONE remains very maneuverable. Scooter MOVEONE – for a healthy lifestyle and respect for the environment!

MOVEONE is suitable for people with different levels of physical fitness. Walking on a scooter strengthens health, improves the functioning of the vestibular apparatus and gives a good mood! MOVEONE will become a stylish accessory to your look!