SenStone is the first Ukrainian technological startup in the Fashion sphere. The SenStone pendant transforms voice notes into a text without the help of a smartphone. The gadget creates notes in one click, transforms them into text in the process, and sorts them according to the topics identified by the user. For example, a diary, a tourist blog, abstracts from conferences.

The pendant kit includes an application — a notebook with additional parameters for sorting the notes. SenStone can recognize the owner’s voice and single it out in the overall recording. Also, the voice can be used to give various orders to the pendant, such as to write an e-mail or to post a blog entry.

In addition to all this, the accessory has an aesthetic design, and it can be used as an ornament or a brooch.


Minimum memory: up to 30 minutes of dictated text.

Recognizing the dictated text: more than 97%.

Language recognition: more than 7 (planned).

Battery charge: up to 3 days. Diameter: 29 mm. Weight: 26 g