Underwater Robot Project is a prototype of a compact remote-controlled device for underwater exploration of water bodies.

Underwater Robot is a sealed frame with a built-in video camera, illumination tools, and drives. It is equipped with an on-board computer, a digital horizon, depth, temperature, frame tightness control sensors, and a microphone.

The camera is mounted on a two-axle fixture and shoots at Full HD 1080p resolution, the fixed focus is 2.8 mm. Two illumination tools adjust the brightness of light, and a pair of laser pointers allow you to visually assess the size of the observed objects.

The device is equipped with three electric drives: two of them provide movement in the horizontal plane, and the third is necessary for the immersion and ascent of the device (zero buoyancy is ensured). The prototype is controlled by a laptop connected to the Ethernet device with a cable. If the device is connected by a cable to the Wi-Fi router, it is possible to control it using a smartphone or tablet.

Technical specifications:
Size: 270х230х350 mm
Weight: 4 kg
Source of power: on-board recoverable Li-ion battery (8400 mAh, 11.1 V)
Maximum current consumption: 15 А
Minimum operating time per charge: 30 minutes
Maximum horizontal speed: 1 m/sec
Maximum vertical speed: 0.5 m/sec
Maximum operation depth: 70 m