Галерея инноваций

The wind turbine offers highly efficient, low-noise, and environmentally friendly solutions in the energy sector. It can produce maximum energy in areas with low winds.

The rotor consists of three components: a turbine with a unique shape, an original generator, and a special control system.

The construction has a number of advantages compared with turbines of a different shape:

  1. It operates at the minimum wind speed of 0.5 m/s. This is a threshold indicator that has never been achieved before.
  2. Due to its low noise level (less than 47 dB), it can be used in urban conditions.
  3. Effective with gusts of wind in the general flow of air, including wind blowing in different directions.
  4. Although it has a more rigid design, it is safe for birds. It does not require mandatory installation at a big height.
  5. It can be made of various materials – composites, plastic, metal.

The rotor generator is lighter than traditional analogs and has low initial torque. The control system provides a low starting speed of the WDPP and allows selecting the maximum energy at any wind speed.