Titanovo project specializes in the development of new genetic tests aimed at assessing the state of health, making people live longer, and improving the quality of life with the help of genetic tests data.

The basic product of the project is the telomeric test. The owner receives a set for collecting DNA by mail and, without leaving the house, receives the telomeric length — the main genetic marker of cellular health that is directly related to life expectancy.

At the same time, the Titanovo team is developing genetic panels that study specific features of metabolism and make it possible to give recommendations regarding the optimal diet.

More specifically, the genetic profile enables you to identify a preferred source of calories (carbohydrates, fats, proteins); the reaction of the body to tea, coffee, alcohol; the presence of specific reactions to various antioxidants, meat, the need for vitamins, etc.

All tests are done in the online mode, and there is no need to go to a hospital for collecting a DNA sample — you can do it yourself at home. The results are also delivered to the user online through the developed client panel.