Author: Svitlana Malovana

This tool makes rehabilitation efficient, engaging, timely and accessible.

  • Specially designed controller and sensors for movement data collection
  • Implementation of meaningful goals concept using action/function database in-built into software
  • Automated mistake-proof treatment prescription done by ML on the basis of Big Data
  • Gamification for engaging rehab process
  • Remote monitoring and treatment correction

By adopting this innovative approach rehab centres can increase profits by 150%.

The company was founded in 2016 and initially developed controllers for video games.These controllers were especially popular with people who have problems with the hands movement. So the team made a pivot to the social field of rehabilitation for people with neurological diseases or injuries.

Since December 2017, the company has been creating the Raccoon.Recovery solution and already has got prestigious awards and grants:

  • funded by Horizon 2020, CRDF Global, Vernadsky Challenge;
  • winner of Startup World Cup Ukraine 2019;
  • TOP 7 European startups at the Wolves Summit 2019 in Warsaw;
  • TOP 12 most promising tele-rehabilitation projects based on Fortune 100 analysis;
  • alumni of Startupbootcamp Digital Health accelerator in Berlin and YC School;
  • Raccoon.Recovery has been launched in Germany in July 2019 and is already on sale.