LaMetric is a multi-functional diode display that shows not only time but other useful information as well: alerts from social networks and mail, the amount of money on your PayPal account and fans on Facebook, weather data, and even the user’s health.

Synchronization with such applications as Google Calendar, CrossFit, Apple Store, IFTTT and others makes it possible to show any information as a combination of icon/text/sound. The device also has an in-built timer, a stopwatch, and many other useful features.

Such personalization enables the user to create his/her own space with information indicators. With the help of IFTTT, LaMetric works with other gadgets within the Internet of Things concept: Smart Things, WigWag, Ninja Sphere. For instance, the user can easily display the data characterizing energy consumption per month, and the saving trends thereof.

In August 2014, LaMetric gathered $370,000, a record-breaking amount for Ukrainian crowd-funding. Initially, the developers from Lviv asked for only $69,000.