Helko Smart Dumbbell is a “smart” dumbbell designed to motivate you to take exercises and to make this process more effective and enjoyable. Imagine that every morning you receive a message on your smartphone, “You have to work out today, let’s do five sets of 10 reps”. After the exercise, you can share the results with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

If you are lazy, the dumbbell will leave a respective post on your profile page. According to the idea of the authors of the project, this will motivate you not to skip training and regularly achieve the daily rate.

Through Bluetooth, data about the performed exercise are transmitted to the smartphone by in-built sensors. The mobile device processes the data and develops statistics. Furthermore, using a speech synthesizer, the dumbbell can transmit voice messages to the owner.

Additionally, the Helko team is working on the Smart Fit module. Having connected it to any fitness equipment, you will make ordinary fitness machines work in the online mode. An IoT gym will offer unique opportunities for coaching and gamification.

In early 2016, the project received $43,000 of seed investment. In spring, the Helko team is planning to enter the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and by the end of the year — to start mass production of the gadget.